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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 27, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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by elkins chevlet, south jersey's premiere chevyipvisi'si it's jimmychoucleto the g're all in this toso e andf eref if pl did an interesting thing. have members of theazng im. i ipomfu w ya along with adam perry lang tonight. us tme up with new recip overt s and pourca tkes ed aoxfroo
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iss alar a newnations, the damat refrigwhat w w nme. ai u dump ae ccsfed tle >> jimmy: give your friend a concussion and cur little kids getting volved. this is a 2-year-old from , engd out d wiwhile those are a lot ob odimminated t challenge by r this i was in a tuxedo, feeling ffent,he
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it. so my wife shot this. >> jimmy: this is what he poste th ja accepy'ces as she w picture oto we're thinr it ar.ucno, ied r ve e in so a. w y f don
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>> y didn't donate. now u have to donate. >> don't forget to donat >> ket!wor ckeh t money. hari >> don't do it. whe did y get water? >> what do you mean, where >>om thinkid?>>ou p let's grade. >> yi don'know wt to do. >> this is really bad, right?epp
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itce bucket! 's going to be all right. >> thank you. >> madelyne'snrk.ket ofice on h. [ ughter ] althought you wereidding. t o am h althought you wereidding. t o am h l anbe rnnif
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erggggeradonpelo sed join now at
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bsk came t are tes. roon van.ybe w t eshew ld globecebo frosi ti t cri our firsn emmy and please welcome jene ] : calm d
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an odferyd h ie love jouew fr. lis me.: e didn't scream w ld ,it oh, that ofred tme too tt b lehaly>>ahava i nd idbr g te aextraoreasmilk.i dn j to akes.w wouocoit's if >> i don kocutmi ts
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apil over the ce>> did. not.immy: and he chaelellen >> jimmyit>>fim people i th maybedo t but you rea c icr.e cos tt was sobody else yod: whic- >> and court >>owar h anhe : sd umant extreme t i ye
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it was the t - cha bu le think that -- >> jimmy: you were the one that pushed him over the em. b s d wd si>> jimmy: technically, her bld is on yourhands. yo killed barbara walters. >> that s and along ortable. already drank b
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milk.'ll be right back. aer n
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: thanla sot etthe g is the summom we'll match it and gi ft compokho10igs dr o e. so why treat your mouth ngf f germlistere ue, ead ith ®.weso
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0sofi ion to myself, but i'm the shownd"au and love the show souch that i u fo what that u characts searacrsnd worur >> as yourself or a character -- the w y: n that.rld denfrom it withyo>> jir y mmylike a lot morapau
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>> what is this? what is this? >> jimmy: this is the show.teil this a -- thatazg. correct. jimmy do -- >> jimmy: agai i'm goingo t playos >> oh, god. >> jimmy: and we'lltart right here on the rspage. >> oh. >> jimmy: and so here we go. okay, you stt. >> umm ross -- >> jimmy: oh, wait, sorry. iforgot goad
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rachel, wedeov fo eyehou yk at>> oouy ldkeyou. o g our friends l me i [ laughter ] >> jimmy >> go on on od.jimmy: you're right,oodlo., at -- are you youcourt into?rt monicay
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>> jimmythey are? thank you. be>> yim yoki lme? are.>> darn!>> dd isas >> oy god,id >> jimmy: this is not stupid an, why, hello, eb tou,ross morpo oey'sat?ro the
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efe here is joey and chandl: ?ks anread thethis iommp, tch seehe one told you life was going to be thiwa you' is. >>immy: whenasn' yrnt or even >> jimmy: thank you, rachel. and that's why wre all friends.akor ony. ex. en talon again.
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it alweems tohin' lshow. >> jim: jennifer aniston, courtea kudrow, guillermo! back. so what ya got on de? skyfall. ln in, then some pinrest, you? twitter. ms.oouyarman azon pkyfall. ln in, then some pinrest, you? twtons of xtolra charge.pryea anythion wofri e iluve azon pkyfall. ln in, then some pinrest, you? ♪ fauons... ...just see whu finitely shod've tried ibs by now. do you see these people resisting amazing sauces lik sweno, yodon't.le? and that why they're happy. lyd
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ough ernz ond so intelheo nancia rd keapple mmfromar t gth be
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>> jimmy: our next guest is so good at bbq, animals actually throw themselves on his grill begging to be cooked. his book is called "serious barbecue."
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it is just that. please welcome chef adam perry lang. hello, adam. [ applause ] thank you for coming. what is this, are we going to make friendship bracelets? >> we're going to do monster chuck roast steaks with whisky caramel sauce. >> jimmy: i love it already. >> we're going to tie it together. just individual that string underneath. and do like a double tie twice. >> jimmy: just double knot it? >> yeah, i'll hold it. and then tie it over my finger. >> jimmy: okay. then we throw your finger on the grill? all right. >> awesome. this is a type of cut, i use certified angus beef. this is one of those cuts where
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any butcher or supermarket has it, but you have to ask for it. it's great flavor. >> jimmy: you tell them what? >> can i have a whole chuck roll. you're basically going to cut here and here on both sides of the steak. >> jimmy: okay, cut it right down there? >> there you go. >> jimmy: i love it. and continue or no? >> exactly, go straight through. we'll just do one steak. then we have the steak here. it's pretty sizable. like half the price in terms of what you would find in terms of rib eye. we're put it in a marinate. pour that marinate in and you blend it and it's garlic, onion, soy sauce, white vinegar and
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olive oil. keep it for maybe six hours minimum but overnight is cool, too. >> jimmy: you can throw this in your trunk, too? >> it would probably make it taste better. but because it has a lot of salt in it already, i just season it with black pepper. so go ahead and season it. >> jimmy: all right. i like pepper. >> pat it down and throw this baby on the grill. >> jimmy: and that is the biggest grill i've ever seen. wow, look at all that meat. that is nice. >> while this is cooking, one of my favorite combinations is whisky and beef. >> jimmy: it's such a time saver because you can eat and drink at the same time. >> together, it's a perfect combination. >> jimmy: you're right, it is. >> i put together this recipe.
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we created this whisky caramel. at first it seemed strange because you're putting caramel with meat, but when you take the meat off and you put it right into the sauce, it creates a really great glaze. >> jimmy: it's like a caramel apple but a steak instead. >> exactly. just what america needs. >> jimmy: yeah. >> how you make the caramel is take the sugar, add some water, make about a half cup of water and cook it until it's the same color as the whisky. then you add an equal amount of whisky. if you put one cup of sugar -- >> jimmy: you take a lot, yeah. >> then you cook it down and you put the butter in and you end up with this beautiful silky sauce. >> jimmy: will you get drunk making this or eat thing? >> no, because you cook off the alcohol and what's left behind
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is that woody, delicate flavor you get from the whisky. [ applause ] >> jimmy: try a little bit of that. good, right? >> this is great. >> jimmy: all right. >> we'll put it on the plate here. you take your steak. >> jimmy: how long do you cook that steak? >> about 40 minutes. you're cooking it close to medium. while it's hot, you put it right into the caramel. >> jimmy: that's nice. and how do you finish it, with that stuff? >> so what we're going to do here, i take a little bit of olive oil. >> jimmy: this is your thing. >> it captures all the juices and you create a great sauce at the end. then we'll just slide that into the oil and then we're going to slice it right into it. >> jimmy: all right. slice that up.
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let's see the proper way to slice. >> but the thing is this, there's a little string here, so you're going to cut the string away. >> jimmy: and you can floss with that afterwards. >> exactly. >> jimmy: that is nice. that looks beautiful. >> you just basically do double duty here. not only is it great -- here. let me give you a piece of that. >> jimmy: what are you doing, animal? oh, my god, that is great. >> you can also make a dessert. put the caramel right on the ice cream. >> jimmy: oh, it all comes together. there you go. chef adam perry lang. his book is called "serious barbecue." i'm sorry, i have a mouthful of meat. adam perry lang. be right back with music from bob mould.
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>> jimmy: i'd like to thank jennifer aniston, courteney cox, lisa kudrow, adam perry lang, and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first, his album is called, "beauty & ruin." the song is called "the war." here with some help from taylor hawkins of foo fighters, bob mould. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ and all these songs i write for you they tear me up it's not hard to do ♪ ♪ listen to my voice
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it's the only weapon i kept from the war from the war ♪ ♪ from the war from the war and i can soothe every ailment you endure ♪ ♪ and i can see into the future most assured i don't have a choice it's the only life ♪ ♪ know after the war after the war after the war after the war ♪ ♪ everything we made reduced to dust you were the one who taught me most ♪ ♪ i carry your remains
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your emblem and your name nothing left will ever be the same ♪ ♪en ♪ ♪ and this war we fought was violent and long weeks turned into years but we kept on keeping on ♪ ♪ the ringing in my brain is what remains is what remains is what remains ♪ [ applause ]
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♪ this war has worn me down broken dreams and a hole in the ground don't give up and ♪ ♪ and don't give in [ applause ]
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this is "nightline." >> tonight -- >> just one shot. >> the 9-year-old, the loaded uzi, and what happened next. the disaster that has stirred a raging debate about kids and guns. across america, children still losing their baby teeth are packing some serious heat. >> this one right here is my favorite. >> the parents say the more you know, the safer you are. but as you'll see tonight, things can go horribly wrong. plus, our journey to the gate of hell. here at ground zero of the ebola outbreak. the clock is ticking as this virus spreads. and tonight, our dr. richard
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